Frenchie in the Flowers

We went camping this weekend, and it was Frenchie's first time.  She is not the best traveling dog.  She gets really car sick, she gets easily distracted, and she doesn't come when she's called.  We had to tie her up so that she wouldn't wander off into the great outdoors, and she ended up knocking lots of things over with her leash and getting it all tangled up with trees, the other dogs, and her own legs ;p  She was also afraid of the fire and of the loud noises of the boys breaking branches up for the fire.  But she certainly enjoyed being with us, no matter where we were, and she loved lounging in the sunny meadow filled with wildflowers the next morning.


Psychozoe Designs (Susie) said...

how funny! Silly Frenchie! you do look cute in the yellow flowers and sun.

Zombie said...

what a cute little puppy! :)