My birthday was on the 24th, and my roommate's birthday was on the 9th.  So we went to Boise on the weekend of the 14th to celebrate together.  There were quite a few hitches, but we ended up having fun anyway :)  She is quite the talented photographer.  I just love how her photos turn out, whether they're with a fancy digital camera of nature, or "self portraits" with her cell phone.  She is able to capture aesthetically pleasing shots no matter what.  Here are a couple she took of us on our night out in Boise:

I also forgot to mention that she took most of the photos I posted of the mine visit below.  My real birthday was fairly uneventful because it took place on a work day, but I still got nice gifts, many wonderful birthday wishes, and my friends took me out for pizza and beers after work.


Psychozoe Designs (Susie) said...

Holly, I'm glad you had a nice birthday, and birthday celebration on the weekend! Love your red hair! makes me want to go red again! You two did get some nice pics...xoxo Susie

Zombie said...

Happy belated birthday! :D

Marlene said...

Happy birthday, ladies! You look gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Appreciated. xoxox

scubasubie said...

Those are really cute pictures... are they on FB? It just dawned on me last night that my birthday is this weekend