Meet Daisy!

Well, Daisy has been with us for about a month now, but this is the first time I'm getting around to updating about her.  My roommate rescued her from a wild litter that was born on her parents' property.  She was so young that we had to bottle-feed her at first.  She was weak and sick and frail, which was why my roommate took her at such a young age.  But now, she's pretty and fluffy and spunky, and healthy as a cow (is that a real saying?).  She likes to "hide" around corners and jump out at me and the dogs in a "sneak" attack.  It's pretty darn cute.  And so with no further ado, here is Daisy:

Frenchie in the Flowers

We went camping this weekend, and it was Frenchie's first time.  She is not the best traveling dog.  She gets really car sick, she gets easily distracted, and she doesn't come when she's called.  We had to tie her up so that she wouldn't wander off into the great outdoors, and she ended up knocking lots of things over with her leash and getting it all tangled up with trees, the other dogs, and her own legs ;p  She was also afraid of the fire and of the loud noises of the boys breaking branches up for the fire.  But she certainly enjoyed being with us, no matter where we were, and she loved lounging in the sunny meadow filled with wildflowers the next morning.



My birthday was on the 24th, and my roommate's birthday was on the 9th.  So we went to Boise on the weekend of the 14th to celebrate together.  There were quite a few hitches, but we ended up having fun anyway :)  She is quite the talented photographer.  I just love how her photos turn out, whether they're with a fancy digital camera of nature, or "self portraits" with her cell phone.  She is able to capture aesthetically pleasing shots no matter what.  Here are a couple she took of us on our night out in Boise:

I also forgot to mention that she took most of the photos I posted of the mine visit below.  My real birthday was fairly uneventful because it took place on a work day, but I still got nice gifts, many wonderful birthday wishes, and my friends took me out for pizza and beers after work.


Just feeling so depressed and having a very sad day.  I can't begin to explain how tired of this I am...



The newest member of our family.


An Emancipation Celebration

I am in a choir.  It's called the Sun Valley Hallelujah Chorus.  I got involved because my Dad plays piano for them.  I saw their Christmas concert, and it was so much fun, I decided I had to get involved.  We've been practicing since January for our concert, which is tonight!  It is a celebration of emancipation and black history.  We have a special guest performer, Ms. Yve Evans, who is a well-known black jazz soloist.  She is amazing and has made our final week of practices so enjoyable and entertaining.  I have a solo, and I'm really nervous.  It will be lots of fun though!  Here's a picture from our final rehearsal last night:

I'm in the upper right hand corner.  The girl with the
microphone is the daughter of our director,
practicing her lovely solo.*

See here for more information:  Sun Valley Hallelujah Chorus Celebrates Emancipation Day

*Photo was copied from the Facebook page of the Sun Valley Hallelujah Chorus. Credit for the photo goes to Cintia Scola's husband, Joe Bobber.  Many mopre photos can be viewed here in the photo album: